Testimonials & Thank you’s

An Incredible Realty Team

          We had sixteen days to get out of our house, and get another one in a distant county. Everybody said it was impossible.
                               The realtor team of Mark Seamone and Candice Condon  at Exit Reality Inter Lake proved them wrong. From the very beginning their promptness, efficiency, and high level of organizational skills made it obvious we were in very capable hands.  Maximizing modern communicative technology enabled them to set up five showings with only a few hours notice.  We were amazed!
        With tact, tenacity, and a wonderful personal touch, Mark and Candice are a team of professionals whom we think are as good as any you could get in the realty industry.

Florence and Ed McKearney- former Pictou County residents


Always wanting the “BEST” for our advertising!

Hey Candice,

Thanks for all your help in debugging HomeZilla newspaper system. Your detailed
feedback has really helped us in being able to quickly reproduce, find and fix the

As a thanks… I created this mark Seamone ad to run on HomeZilla (or you can use
it on other websites) for the next 3 months, 100% free of course.

His ads will appear on our research page, whenever someone research an address
in Bridgewater.  http://www.homezilla.ca/search/?adr=104%20Dufferin%20St&cty=Bridgewater&prv=NS

His information will also appear on our Bridgewater REALTOR page.

Thanks again,
Designer Owner

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